get rid of your old car?

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The authorized breaks you need!

For your ELV

Available in all the Parisian area.

All departments of this area are supported


Do you want to get rid of your old car?


Our professional company is an authorized breaks for your wreck, no matter the kind of vehicle it is.

You have a problem with your car, your truck, your motorbike, and you don’t know how to rid it of from you!

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Even if it is a caravan!

You can depose of your three or four wheels type of vehicle.

Let us help you!!


car, truck, caravan, van, scooter, motorbike, squad, kart, industrial machine, agricultural machine


You didn’t have the choice to take it back with you after having fallen into a ravine? It is too far from home now?

You car is an old one, almost an ancestor, and you can stand seeing it in your garage anymore?

Your motorbike or car have been a flood victim?

You can’t afford repairs?

The only thing you think about is to bring it to a breaks center. Or maybe you just want to give it to anyone would say yes.

Do NOT do this, please!

The french law requires from you to commit your vehicle that can’t be driven anymore to an authorized breaks care.


 to your wreck congestion

just say NO!

You can contact us by phone

06 24 06 82 38

or by email

and make an appointment

It is fast and free!!

The administrative procedure is easy! You just need to have your documents ready and valid.

Identity card

car registration documents

certificate of non pledge.

That’s it!

We will move up to you wherever your vehicle is!

Our professional agents are graduated, available seven days a week, and twenty four hours a day.

Give us a call and you will be free from wreck congestion.

Everyone should have the opportunity to be rid of its wreckage, but it not always the case.

EPAVEO gives this chance to you!

06 24 06 82 38

Call soon!

24/24 and 7/7